Ftorek Finale


ANN ARNOLD 10/11/33-11/5/2014

My first year of teaching at EGGC was 1997, and that’s when I met my friend Ann Gardiner Arnold.

After an enjoyable summer of lessons, our bond was formed.
In August, my friend Ann had a complaint.
She couldn’t understand why all the local golf tournaments were primarily men.

She looked me in the eye and said, “Jorie, you need to do something about this, we need a tournament for women only.
Ann’s dream was to have a day where women would play together and not feel intimidated.”

The following Sept., the “Ftorek Finale” was born starting with 32 of my female students, including Ann.
A couple of years later it turned into a successful fund raiser for local breast cancer survivors and local charities.

Ann missed only 2 tournaments, one was this year.
My friend and inspiration for the Ftorek Finale left us on Nov. 5.

Ann’s vision will continue to live on as the 18th Ftorek Finale will be played Sept. 16, 2015.
I know the 72 women who play will be thankful to my friend. Ann.